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Is online news content the ugly stepchild of print?

This recent tweet got me thinking.  It’s far from the first time I’ve seen online content looking less than perfect.  Weird or incorrect spacing, strange uses of CAPS and boldface and of course spelling and punctuation mistakes are all too common online.  

Why is it sometimes painfully obvious that major print or broadcasting organizations couldn’t give a fig about how their content looks online?  Is it because the online incarnation is an afterthought?  Is it because it’s viewed as having less longevity?  I mean, if yesterday’s newspapers are today’s fish wrap, then is this morning’s online news story tonight’s distant memory?  

Worse yet, is it because the online product is viewed as being less important because it doesn’t bring in the dollars like the print product does?  I certainly hope that’s not it.  After all, parenting doesn’t pay from what I understand (in fact it costs) and that reality does nothing to diminish the job’s importance.

New Russians

Reading this article has made me nostalgic for my college Poli Sci class on the transition of the USSR from Communist Party rule to… well, no one was exactly sure then and it sounds like it’s still somewhat murky now even after all these years.  It’s a great reminder of how long these types of shifts take.  They say Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Neither is a democratic nation.  And then there’s the assertion by some that not all nations are fit for democracy.  I’ve always wondered if there’s any truth to that.

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