Trying out an e-mail post and a misanthropic persona

For some reason, I’ve been mildly afraid to post here via e-mail, but
here I am giving it a go. Wheeeee! Aren’t I brave and amazing? No?
Fine. You’re not so great either by the way. Yeah, I said it.

 So far, the experience of doing a post this way feels odd. I usually
only e-mail people I know fairly well or at least well enough to have
their e-mail address. Or else it’s an e-mail begging someone for a job
or freelance work. In any event, it feels odd to have it be an e-mail
to 4,931 people and bots on Twitter and 349 “friends” on Facebook some
of which of course overlap.

 All that considered, I feel like I should either be catching you up on
what I’ve been doing lately ala an e-mail to my sister in NYC or
asking you to hire me. Is anyone interested in either one? No? Fine.
I’m not interested in you either.

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