A pledge and a plea

Starting today (or maybe starting yesterday), I'm going to attempt to post something here at least once a day. After all, there's so much to talk about, complain about, ponder, etc. Surely I shouldn't be at a loss.

Today it was remarkably easy to come up with something. I'm in dire need of contributors for the Daily Daley and would appreciate any volunteers or referrals. We've lost our Monday person and after this week our Tuesday one as well. I myself am also sometimes finding it difficult to post on my day: Thursday. Some days there is no post and these omissions weigh heavily on me. It's just a blog, yes, but I've always prided myself on doing the best job possible with it and staying consistent. Won't you sign on to help? 

If you're not familiar, the Daily Daley is a blog on Windy Citizen about the Chicago Mayor's daily goings on and some analysis of local politics. Check it out here. To write for us, you should have a good grasp of politics in general and Chicago/Illinois politics in particular. It also helps to have a sharp wit and the overall ability to make local politics interesting and palatable for our readers.

Please spread the word and let me know if you or anyone you know is interested by sending an e-mail to dailydaley@gmail.com.

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