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What say you, journalists?

* Police raid the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, apparently related to the 4G iPhone episode. Will the shield law protect him? And, for those journalists siding with Apple on this: If a Goldman Sachs exec or White House staffer had left a confidential memo in a bar and you had picked it up, would you have simply returned it to Blankfein HQ or Pennsylvania Ave. without taking a peek? If you said yes, I don’t believe you.

I drew the same example in a Twitter convo with someone recently: and continued here:

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Nazi laws? I think not.

Fellow early adopters, this one’s for you

Everything is political

By sosssn |
Chicago, IL March 28, 2010 09:36:04 am:
Paul Bressler, website manager at 67 Wine & Sprits is on the wrong side of history the American public is turning away from liberal newspapers like the New York Times.

The AdAge article that this commenter is talking about is about the NYC Metro section that the Wall Street Journal reportedly plans to launch this summer.

Most of the article was about audiences, media buying, etc. However, there was one stray quote from a liberal NYC business owner who said he would never advertise in WSJ due to their editorial policies. He was, of course, implying that those editorial policies are conservative in nature. Somewhat predictably, it was this kernel that all three comments referred to, totally ignoring the main topic of the article.

Are we an overly politicized nation? I never thought I’d say this, but I think so.

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!

Cat + iPad = both cute and instructive

Why do Harvard kids head to Wall Street?

People on Wall Street work very hard and they feel they chose this path because there was a reward promised to them. And now, when it’s being taken away from them, they get very angry. If the reward hadn’t been offered to them, they feel they would’ve followed their passion and become a journalist or something.

This part was amusing. Please read the entire thing though.

I’m also told by the inimitable Whet Moser ( that if you enjoy this sort of thing, you’ll like Liquidated by Karen Ho:…

Stay classy Illinois

I don’t see any progress

The nitty gritty of journalism


School renovation runs into static

A $3 million plan to renovate Wilmot Elementary School in Deerfield has been presented to the Village Board for consideration but it has already met some resistance from residents.

The school plans to add classrooms, a parking lot and a playground, and provide a more efficient and safe way to pick up and drop off students.

But residents who spoke at the meeting aren’t convinced the plan would solve the traffic problems.

The board voted to accept the plan, though Mayor Harriet Rosenthal encouraged residents to discuss their concerns with school officials.

Anna Tarkov

Yes folks, it’s not all glitz and glamor. This is what most of us start out writing. And I don’t even get to write the headline.