Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think?

Bryan Biggs is a producer at the local conservative AM radio station, 560 WIND. I follow Bryan on Twitter and this recent tweet rubbed me the wrong way. After I asked him about it, things began to get even worse. And if you think that’s bad, how about this?

Keith Conrad, another WIND producer, agreed with Bryan.

Is this acceptable?

UPDATE: People are having trouble posting comments, so I will post some I received from Twitter:


@AnnaTarkov wow… what utter fucking tools…




maryvale @AnnaTarkov I’m with you. Unacceptable.

Latest tweet is from Marcus Brown who, I assume, is somehow affiliated with AM 560 WIND. This is my response.

UPDATE PART II: Bryan, Keith and Marcus have all deleted the tweets I linked to.




  1. Ellen Malloy May 19, 2010

    What the hell do you expect from a conservative AM radio host? By definition, the guy is a douche.

  2. Anna Tarkov May 19, 2010

    Bryan is not the host. I actually would hope that the morning hosts, Amy Jacobson and John Howell, would condemn this kind of thing. If anyone wants to ask them to do so, they are both on Twitter: and

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