Redesigns, Does Away with Pageview Metric Redesigns, Does Away with Pageview Metric

Published on June 28, 2010 has just launched a new site design, which embraces a “single-page” format.

With the redesign, the media company hopes to be able to sell large, customizable ads and put an end to the “pageview” metric, focusing more exclusively on user engagement such as time spent on pages.

The new story page design “breaks through conventional constraints to deliver an immersive and interactive news experience” which allows consumers to watch, read, comment, navigate, share and interact with news all from a single page, according to a release. The new design features a larger embeddable video player with transcripts and subtitles and integrated slideshows with section “slices” featuring related text, multimedia and video.

The site is calling an end to standalone slideshows, something news sites have used to drive pageviews, writes paidContent.

Praise the lord! For more on those pernicious pageviews:

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