One Chicagoan’s opinion about Mayor Daley

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tychi wrote:
soxfan wrote:
Man…. You had to know that every idiot with a keyboard would be here posting garbage like this. Maybe you dont like him as mayor but could you be a little less classless??

By they way, I can`t wait to read the day after Daley wins another election!! thats going to be a riot. Please dont give me none of that 35% approval rating nonsense either. It was a poll (a small one) run by a paper that hates the Mayor. This guy will steamroll anyone. You people sit at your desks whining to each other on here while the rest of this city goes on with their lives, Loving it here. Partly because of the little man. It will be priceless the day after LOL!!!

I have to agree with most of what you are saying. As a lifelong Chicagoian, I must say te city looks, smells, and feels better than it did say 25 years or so ago.

Now I am not a fan of the new mafia parking, (meters, boots, excessive tickets), but there are areas of the city that are way better off. The areas that are bad now have gotten smaller, almost all of the ugly, dangerous project buildings, (that his father put up, are gone, tourism is up, theatre is booming, Mag Mile, State Street… etc.

He will continue to win until he decides he doesn’t want to. That is the reality. Like it or lump it. I have yet to see anyone who has convinced me that they could do a better job. How many other cities have dignitaries, heads of state, etc coming to see their mayor? We need to be glad for the pull he does have. Heck we are doing better than LA for crying out loud, that has to say something.

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