When TV news fails


  1. Jan S August 28, 2010

    This isn’t TV news, it’s TV nonsense — same category as “reality” TV. I suspect this sort of on-air activity was inspired by the popularity of Japanese live-action game shows when they debuted in the US. Folks in Japan seem to love this kind of show and that’s fine, and USians liking these and similar shows is fine, but it’s not fine when the influence creeps into what’s supposed to be TV news. Maybe I’m an old fart, but I miss Walter Cronkite and Peter Jennings.

  2. Anna Tarkov August 28, 2010

    And yet there is a lot of content like this on so-called “news” programs. They say the medium is the message so maybe the TV-viewing audience isn’t considered intelligent enough for more serious stuff. In which case it would be nice if TV would do the same thing print has started to do: segment itself to appeal to niche audiences. The problem is that a niche audience brings in fewer viewers and thus fewer ad dollars. This is a problem that I’m not sure can be solved. It’s the reason many people like me are only watching TV for entertainment purposes and virtually never for news.

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