Someone fills in as me in a Tribune comments section

I was going to get all snark-tastic in response to this “article,” but then decided against it. I think they call that personal growth! Trust me, no one is more excited than I about this development.

Then I scrolled down to the comment section and saw that someone had already done the job for me:


jefferson.1971 at 10:46 AM February 15, 2011

First it was smoking, then teen driving and more recently the nutritional value of public school lunches.  Next up, Groupon.  Good or bad, the Tribune has found itself a new obsession for year 2011.

The bulk of the people patronizing Groupon self-absorbed “crazy busy” yuppies/transplants who, outside of playing marathon-training, have a boatload of free time.  Maybe they should have been out there shoveling all that snow a few weeks ago instead of sitting inside blogging about “dibs.” 

Give it time.  The economy will pick-up and Groupon will fade away.  Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the yuppies.




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