How can we improve TV news?



Anyone who knows me knows I’m always going on and on… and on about how much I hate TV news of almost any kind, whether it be network or cable. If you currently watch news on TV, I think you should stop. Don’t get me wrong. I love TV. But I think TV is for entertainment, not for news.**

In my estimation, it’s a dumbed down version of what’s happening, there is often very little actual news and nothing unique is offered that you can’t already get in a newspaper or somewhere online. 

**There are a few exceptions to this of course, but let’s not get into all that now.

However, I’ve had a baby. When you’re alone in the house with an infant all day, hearing another adult voice, even if it’s the voice of a TV anchor, can be a welcome distraction. So I briefly turned on FOX Chicago this morning while feeding Benji and was surprised at what I saw so I tweeted about it: 

At this point, someone at FOX tweeted me back:

I asked if they were sincere in wanting ideas and they said they were. So guys, let’s give them some.

Leave a comment below about how their show could be improved or how TV news in general could be made better, more useful and more relevant. 

Or if you prefer, tweet about it with the hashtag #TVnewsNeedsHelp. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous April 17, 2012

    Hi Fox and All media news outlets,

    To improve your credibility and steer the populace away from making Idoicracy a reality, please stop including viral videos and web-related content as news. At best, it’s entertainment and at worst it’s used as unverified sources for legitimate news stories.


  2. Anonymous April 19, 2012

    Well, you can get rid on the awkwardly mindless chatter between the anchors (no one does it as good as the WGN Morning News crew, anyway.) Oh, and no more animal videos from YouTube, haven’t we all suffered enough with those?

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