I am a media reporter


Image via SPJ

It’s always been a running joke inside my head that I’m a media reporter, it’s just that no one pays me to be one. I even added it to my Twitter bio at one point.

But with this story now out, I might need to change that bio.

Though I’m still not on staff anywhere and maybe never will be, I got paid for this story and will presumably get paid for future ones I do (yes, that means the book isn’t closed on this so stay tuned). 

My story was at the top of Mediagazer for a bit. There was considerable reaction on Twitter. People I deeply respect and consider to be my mentors said I did a good job. Though he may have forgotten it by now, Ira Glass briefly knew my name. My family is also proud. That all makes me feel great and I can’t help but wonder if it also makes me a media reporter. A real one. 

Time for another bio change.

UPDATE: I was on Connecticut’s public radio station on Monday, July 9 discussing the Journatic story. Listen here.


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