A career in journalism? Ha.

It’s like I could have written this:

When I was struggling, I suspected that my failure was due to lack of funds. I’d transcended my blue-collar roots, I thought: I’d been to university; I didn’t work, as my mother might say, “with my hands.” And I blamed myself. I told myself I wasn’t trying hard enough, that I was too impatient. I saw this in my failure to pound out essays after long days at work, and in my weird, jagged career trajectory. I wondered if I was too lazy, too restless to succeed, not cut out for the kind of heels-dug-in effort that creative careers require.


I suddenly remember something I wrote over two years ago. It hasn’t gotten significantly better since and I am far from alone.

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  1. Anonymous September 5, 2012

    You are not alone here. You mustn’t be so pessimistic. It’s not your fault.

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