Calling all journalists: share your PR horror stories

I’m doing a panel tomorrow for these folks‘ annual conference. I’m repping community/local media i.e. the little guys :-) We also have someone on the panel from the Chicago Tribune, a public radio station, etc.

The topic? What is ALWAYS the topic when a bunch of journalists and PR people get into a room together? How to pitch us, that’s what they want to know.

They want to know how to not be annoying, what are the best ways to pitch and what are the ways that make us slam our heads on our desks.

They want to know how to cold-call a reporter they’ve never interacted with. 

They want to hear horror stories about what NOT to do and good stories about when a PR person was extremely helpful.

I have my own, but please share yours in the comments so I have more fodder for the panel. 

While I don’t know if they’ll all be in the room for our panel, there are over 400 people registered for this conference so here’s your chance to tell a TON of PR people something that will hopefully ripple throughout the industry. 

Thanks in advance!



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