About me

The first cover letter I ever wrote opened by saying that the five words I would use to describe myself are “I’m on top of it.” I still stand by that.

I’m a writer, a former reporter and a voracious media consumer. Of course I’ve had to cut down since the birth of my son in 2011. Being his mama hasn’t been easy and it’s not about to get easier as he has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. But, autism is awesome.

For more on my professional history, please take a look at my LinkedIn page.

When I can, I’m slooooowly working on launching a digital magazine with a mission.

You can usually find me on Twitter. No, I’m not on Facebook. I went back to Facebook for professional reasons, but stuck around for an amazing and special moms’ support group. Learn more about that here. I’m not really on Facebook though. You can read my tweets over there and that’s about it. I don’t currently do any other social networks.

I’ve recently gotten into gaming. I have nothing in terms of a console save a Wii, but I play mobile games and stuff on Steam. Add me there if you’d like, my user name is Tooter2. A next-gen console is probably in my future someday, but not quite yet.

Let’s talk about some things I hate. There are a lot, but the main ones are bad government, bigotry of any kind, media behaving badly (this happens quite frequently unfortunately), poorly informed voters, political pundits, tech solutionism, entitlement and egotism. I used to loathe tights being worn as pants, but then I gave birth and got fat and became one of those people. I will not apologize for it.

I’m also a survivor of postpartum depression and currently working through plain, old, regular depression. It’s super fun! No, not really. It makes life very difficult, but I’ve got it handled. I’m on top of it, remember? Post-partum depression (and all other perinatal mood disorders) is no laughing matter though and if you know anyone who is struggling, this is a fantastic website and resource.

Have a question for me? Ask it here.

You can also e-mail me at tooter2 (at) gmail (dot) com. Yes, it’s a veeeery old e-mail address which used to be on Hotmail. Before that, it was on my high school e-mail server (yes, I’m sort of one of them digital native types). So hopefully you can cut me some slack on it not being all professional-like.

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