Greatest hits

Writing is hard.

Other than it being hard in general, it’s hard to find time to write if you work full time. It’s even harder to find time to write if you work part time/freelance and are looking for full time work. I’ve done both and it’s always been a challenge to keep putting stuff out there. You have to force yourself to do it. Force! Even though you love it, you have to make a conscious effort to do it regularly.

So, here’s some stuff I’ve written here that I’m proudest of. It’s not necessarily the stuff that got the most page views, but it’s what I like the most. I hope you will too.

Journalism needs pollinators – The journalism ecosystem has a place and a need for non-journalists.

No one is forced to write for free – I think the title about sums it up, don’t you?

Stand up for what’s right – Will the truth will set you free? Maybe not.

It’s cold and lonely on the digital side – I love digital media, but

Who are political reporters working for? – Hint: it should be you but often isn’t.

Does the media have a liberal bias? – Hint: no :-)

Thank you – I landed my first, full time media gig in November, 2010. Find out who helped me get there.

What is it about the weather? – Everyone talks about and pays attention to the weather. How can we apply this phenomenon to politics?

Are we the New Elite? – Do you like Mad Men? Live in a city? Then you might be a member of this totally made-up group.

The media Omerta – A code of silence exists in this business and it’s harming our credibility.

Your news organization should have a point of view – “General interest” ain’t cutting it anymore, especially not online.

I might never have been born – A nice break from media to contemplate the fragility of my existence.

Will a good education ensure success? – I still don’t know the answer. Feel free to chime in.

What I read – This may have changed since August, 2010, but is still a good snapshot of my approach.

Are politicians’ screw-ups too hard to avoid? – A miss from Chicago News Co-op’s James Warren.

Commenting needs an overhaul – But what exactly is the solution?

This is how the world works – Get me public relations!

Activist journalism: which side are you on? – Isn’t journalism inherently activist anyway?

Enough with the text shorthand – I can’t take it anymore! And you shouldn’t either.

Stop aside: pro journalists at work! – Tales of incompetence from the front lines of the Fourth Estate.

The trouble with breaking news – News breaks and so does accuracy in reporting.

Respect your readers – A slight tiff with the WaPo ombudsman that brings to light some important issues.

The problem with journalism? – Hint: it’s not just the failing business model

Why we do what we do – Ok., so I had nothing to do with creating this. But it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Neil Steinberg is WAY smarter than you – Can we take a vote and fire this hack?

Hating suburbia – The suburbs might not be what you thought they were.

Outside the Loop radio – This was my second or third time on this awesome, local radio show and podcast.

Mini skirt? I think not. – The Sun-Times gets it wrong.

So many stories and no one to tell them – Who will do this work?

Curators vs. Gatekeepers – What is the proper role for journalists?

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