What do news consumers really think?

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What is this interview series all about? I’m glad you asked. As I’ve mentioned before, there isn’t nearly enough information about what readers and viewers want. In general, there isn’t enough treatment of news as a business although that’s changing. And if news is a business, then it naturally follows that news content is, to some degree, a product. Of course there’s a caveat, but the fact remains that we should know what our consumers think.

I will be looking to talk to people who are not themselves employed by any media organization and asking them about their news consumption habits, what they think of the current state of news and journalism, etc.

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Bob Meinig — Memorable quote: “What I’m not able to grasp is really where the Tribune or the STNG [Sun-Times News Group] fits in the news world now and in the future.”

Vicki Boykis — Memorable quote: “…the print/tv news media treats the Internet as some disgusting thing under a microscope that it has to handle with kid gloves all while not knowing anything about it (see any mainstream report on Twitter, tumblr, etc, which are always way behind the curve). It’s painful, like watching a baby deer trying to walk for the first time.”

Mario Smith — Memorable quote: “Not every bloody thing is breaking or developing when it comes to news – my God. The newsroom of 2010 is way different than the newsroom of 1980.”

Pete Leiser — Memorable quote: “The only time I get news in print is when I’m on a plane (or otherwise out of network connectivity range).”

Joseph Hunter— Memorable quote: “Instead of news agencies copying one another, it may be better for one to focus on more in depth analysis…”

Stephen L. Harlow — Memorable quote: “Everyone is potentially both a consumer and a publisher.”

Andrew Hazlett – Memorable quote: “No more print for daily news at all.”

Wanda (not her real name) — Memorable quote: “Celebrities and reality TV personalities are taking over the news. I understand that there’s a 24/7 news cycle with a lot of time to fill, but hey, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq go 24/7. The economy sucking wind also goes 24/7. How about covering those? Afraid that serious stories won’t attract news consumers? Great, thanks for pandering to the lowest common denominator.”

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