The Sun-Times still hasn’t learned to link

And because the Sun-Times doesn’t know how yet, I’ll repost the first paragraph here with a link added to show how it would have been helpful to readers:

“Once again the people of the City of Chicago were subjected to the ranting of a mayor who by his nearly incoherent words expressed his total ignorance of the collective bargaining negotiations that occurred between his representatives and the Fraternal Order of Police. (City Gets ‘Huge Win’ in Cop Raises Ruling, April 17.)This mayor has once again driven a wedge between himself and organized labor with his flippant and erratic remarks.”

This elicited a chuckle from me because Steve (Rhodes) and I were talking about this very thing after a journalism panel that he was on at Columbia College. There was a Sun-Times bigwig on the panel and when asked why the Sun-Times doesn’t link out in its stories, he seemed to think that they do. Steve and I later tried to figure out what he could have meant since we’d both read many a Sun-Times story and hadn’t seen any links. I still don’t know the answer. Anyone?…. Anyone?…. Bueller?….

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  1. Anna Tarkov April 20, 2010

    Ok., so maybe they link out in some stuff like this:,ihnatko-apple-iphone-engadget-gizmodo.article But why isn’t it done across the board?

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