Become a professional blog commenter!

Spectrum Communications, located near Schaumburg, IL has an immediate opening for a junior-level copy writer that has a passion for blogging. In this position you will work with Spectrum’s marketing team to expand our clients’ presence on various websites by writing and commenting on blogs. This person should be internet savvy, have strong typing and writing skills and enjoy sharing their knowledge/voicing opinions on a variety of topics. 

Another highlight of this job description was that they want you to have “Proof of current live blogs / blog comments that demonstrate your ability to convey knowledge (whether it be your knowledge or researched information) and provide politically-correct opinions on various topics.”

Politically-correct opinions? Who are this company’s clients, Glenn Beck and Michael Moore? If not, I’m not sure how one can provide a politically INCORRECT opinion on, say, toilet paper or dish-washing detergent.


  1. Anonymous May 16, 2010

    This position makes perfect sense to me. Marketers need to be reading blogs and engaging with the authors and the rest of the blog community. It will be a great learning process for the company and can lead to a range of interesting experiments and innovative ideas.

    Also, politically-incorrect opinions can appear on a range of topics, such as gender issues and holidays. I am sure the agency was referring to the candidate’s commitment to balanced information and fairness.

  2. Anna Tarkov May 16, 2010

    I’m sure you right; it was just so poorly written. Also, the idea of such a job kind of sickens me a little. I find social marketing to be a bit of a slimy practice.

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