I adore Stuff White People Like

It’s also worth noting the amazing interest shown by white women in the World Cup. While they generally find most professional sporting events to be boring, the atmosphere at a World Cup match is much more amenable. Mostly because they don’t have to drink light beer and there is a good chance that they might meet a European man, or, at least someone who might be planning a trip there. This is far superior to a hockey game where, at best, they might meet a Canadian. It goes without saying that for white women, the World Cup can’t come soon enough.

Judging by all the drooling lately over male soccer players, this appears to be dead on. Exhibit A: http://is.gd/cB4YZ

However, I take slight offense at the implication that all women find sporting events dull. Chicago ladies especially, you KNOW that’s not true, am I right? :)

Of course all this hoopla over sports is a matter for debate: http://annatarkov.posterous.com/hey-neil-we-get-it-youre-too-smart-for-sports

Finally and as always, please click on the referring link and read the entire post from whence this snippet came from. Then again… maybe not. Once a blog becomes a book, they don’t really need the clicks anymore.

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