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Quinn spokesman leaving governor’s office

Posted by Monique Garcia at 12:13 p.m.

Gov. Pat Quinn’s chief spokesman is leaving state government and the governor is tapping a top staffer for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart to replace him.

Bob Reed joined Quinn’s staff shortly before Quinn became governor following the impeachment of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whose federal political corruption trial starts today.

Reed said he envisioned holding the demanding job for just a year, and that after 18 months of fielding questions from reporters at all hours of the day it’s time to return to his writing and consulting business.

“It’s been very interesting,” said Reed, who was also a veteran journalist at Crain’s Chicago Business. “I had a lot of fun.”

Reed’s last day will be Monday. Replacing him will be Bill Cunningham, who is Dart’s chief of staff, an official with sheriff’s department told the Tribune.

Cunningham will join Quinn as he campaigns in the governor’s race against Republican state Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington and Green Party candidate Rich Whitney.

Wait a minute, did I just read that correctly??? Is the man who has been publicly representing the Governor of Illinois also a print reporter? The wording makes it unclear. Is he currently on staff at Crains or no? If yes, is this not a glaring conflict of interest? I mean, everyone knows that reporters make the best spokespeople and publicists, but it’s usually after they’ve left behind their journalism career, never at the same time.


  1. matt carmichael June 3, 2010

    No, Bob was the editor of CCB many years ago (among many other great posts on his resume.) Clearly, Crain’s wouldn’t allow that kind of thing.

  2. Anna Tarkov June 3, 2010

    Thanks for clarifying Matt. That’s good to know. Whew, what a relief.

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