He has to kick his own ass

All kidding aside, this draws in sharp relief the liberal obsession with urgency and with change happening NOW. The discussion of President Obama’s tepid reaction to the oil spill moves into the other areas of dissatisfaction such as health care, Guantanamo and financial reform and regulation.

This is another one of those major differences between liberals and conservatives. While it’s not a blanket statement of course, most liberals seem to react to social and policy problems like petulant children. They want is fixed now, ASAP, immediately. They want it fixed in this Congressional session, they want a bill in place right away, the want the new program to start yesterday, etc.

Conservatives seem more deliberate and patient. There are things that they want to change as well, but they seem to be more committed to waiting the course and working towards their goals while waiting for the right opportunity.

Is this because liberals tend to favor more change in general? If there are many things one wants to change, is it inevitable for one to get easily annoyed that nothing seems to be happening?

Also, how have things changed in the past and how long has it taken? The civil rights movement for instance was a fairly protracted battle, no? Are today’s liberals lacking in patience as compared to their predecessors?

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