Tom Shales: News is HAAAAAAAARD

If you as a journalist believe a story’s good enough to stick with, and you want people to pay attention, then you MAKE THEM PAY ATTENTION. You shove an issue in their faces day after day after day and you tell every caller who says he or she is just so tired of oily pelican pictures to shove it up their asses. You don’t want to stop covering the story? THEN DON’T STOP COVERING IT JESUS GOD. Fuck your focus groups. Fuck
the “jejune ennui” of the people you imagine don’t care anymore and
want to go back to American Idol. Fuck story fatigue. For once in your lives stick to the ideals you’re always bagging on bloggers for not having.

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  1. Anonymous June 17, 2010

    Oh, okay.

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