This is why we need media criticism

The Daley Show
“Mayor Daley today convinced Wal-Mart to sweeten the pot – by paying its best Chicago employees $9.50 an hour after one year – to break the stalemate that has stalled the retailer’s $1 billion expansion,” Fran Spielman reports.

Did he really?

“Within a year, if you have good attendance and work habits, they can get you up to $9.50″ an hour, the mayor said.”

But a Walmart spokesman said that most employees get a 40 or 50 cent raise after their first year as is. Walmart’s current proposal would start workers at $8.75 an hour. A 50 cent raise after one year would result in some workers then getting $9.25 an hour. It’s not a stretch to think that a handful of the best workers might get $9.50 an hour without the mayor’s help.

In fact, some will probably get promoted.

In other words, the mayor hasn’t sweetened anything but his own publicity.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you don’t have a good media critic writing somewhere in your market, become that media critic yourself.

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