BP’s problems vs. Cubs/Sox problems

BP Problems v. Cubs/Sox Problems
BP: Executives worried about getting asses kicked by Obama
Cubs: Executives worried about getting asses kicked by Pirates

BP: Concerns about inability to drill in deep water
Sox: Concerns about inability of starters to go deep into games

BP: Facing PR embarrassment if crowds boo during Cubs-Sox series
Cubs/Sox: Likewise

BP: Watching profits dry up as oil continues to spill
Cubs: Watching profits dry up as Ramirez continues to cash checks

BP: Early summer of 2010 turning into disastrous period in company history
Cubs/Sox: Likewise

BP: Can’t control a spewing toxic geyser
Sox: Can’t control Ozzie’s postgame rants

BP: Old company facing possible ugly end to storied history
Cubs: Old manager facing possibly ugly end to storied career

BP: Hope to have spill wrapped up by fall
Cubs/Sox: Hope Chicagoans go back to focusing on the Hawks by fall

BP: Take out full-page newspaper ad to apologize for Gulf spill
Sox: Take out full-page newspaper ad to apologize for Hawk Harrelson

BP: Hoping unlikely methods work to stave off further spill damage
Cubs: Hoping unlikely All-Star (Silva) works to stave off last place

BP: Changed name and logo without changing core business
Cubs: Changed owners without changing core roster

BP: Killing marlins and rays
Cubs: Getting killed by Marlins
Sox: Getting killed by Rays

BP: If spill situation isn’t remarkably better by July, jobs will be in jeopardy
Cubs/Sox: If W-L records aren’t remarkably better by July, veterans will be in jeopardy

Contributing: Matt Farmer, Don Jacobson, Marty Gangler, Drew Adamek, Scott Buckner and the inimitable Beachwood Mark.

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