There are two Chicagos

This is the end result of the “global city,” something discussed at length in Richard Longworth’s Caught in the Middle:

Longworth explained that this is how things are going in other “global cities” as well. A privileged elite at the top with a vast underclass at the bottom. If you want to stop this, said Longworth, you must also want to stop globalization.

How to prevent this? If you have the answer, said Hinz, you should run for mayor. Anyone?


  1. Anonymous July 1, 2010

    The only news here is that Crain’s is writing about this. Perhaps now that the business community is realizing that there’s a city beyond Roosevelt and Western things might begin to change. Perhaps.

  2. Anna Tarkov July 2, 2010

    I hope you’re right. But honestly, I don’t hold out much hope. What does the global city elite care if there are failing neighborhoods and school and rampant crime? They’ll only care if it affects them somehow.

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