What would you ask a Chicago alderman?


  1. Anonymous July 6, 2010

    Do Aldermen really say someone “pulled a Fioretti” when they do something really dumb? (As Brendan Reilly once told me personally.)

  2. Anonymous July 6, 2010

    Chicago has the highest city tax rate in the country. Do Chicagoans get the best services? Compare CHI to other cities.

  3. Anna Tarkov July 7, 2010

    Joe, that’s a good one. I’ll add it to the list for sure.

  4. Rick Wion July 12, 2010

    Our taxes are sky high, yet our schools are failing. What can the city council to do to address this?

  5. Anna Tarkov July 12, 2010

    Thanks for the question Rick. By the way, if you’re interested in education in Chicago, I highly recommend http://www.catalyst-chicago.org/ You’ll find great reporting there that doesn’t appear anywhere else.

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