We Need More Opinion In News, Not Less

We take a lot of criticism at TechCrunch for writing stories that are clearly biased. That’s despite the fact that we tend to state our bias right up front, sometimes in the damn title.

That’s not journalism, people say. Well, that’s fine with me. But what you can’t accuse us of is being dishonest to our readers. We call things like we see them. We never fudge facts or make things up. We don’t go out and manufacture quotes to support the story we want to write, we just write the story. And other people can write different stories with different opinions. And you, the reader, can go read all of them and then maybe write your own blog post with a whole new opinion. Everyone has a printing press these days, and ink is free. That has changed the world, and journalism needs to change with it.

Michael Arrington, you are correct.

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