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Not trying to cop out here, nor do I speak for the S-T officially. But the Joliet Herald-News is the pub with coverage in our group in Will County –
I personally have not been following this story, so I can’t speak to anything beyond that story I found with a quick search, but I will bring it up in the news meeting this afternoon.
I would suggest there is less conspiracy, as seems to be hinted at here, in coverage in the pages of the S-T, virtual and print, than there is a decision to let our sister pubs cover their areas while we concentrate on the city and immediate suburbs, where the bulk of our readers live. We depend on them to cover the important stories in the the outlying areas because that is their sphere of expertise and we try to adopt their coverage when needed.
I can say emphatically that there is no agenda – racially or politically – behind our decisions. We cover the news as straight as possible. I know it’s popular to accuse the evil MSM of agendizing. I’m not here to deny that happens, but I can tell you it doesn’t happen in our newsroom.

Craig posted this comment on Windy Citizen in response to some… allegations that the Sun-Times was overlooking a certain story.

Craig has now won the morning as far as I’m concerned.

I’ll be looking forward to what the results of the news meeting will be. Given the fact that I have seen the major dailies cover suburban elections where the Machine seemed involved, I think this is a story worth the Sun-Times’ attention. I fully believe that they could put it into the proper context for a city audience.

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