There is no God: My Boys Returns

I love the blues, but how many people in Chicago do you know who love the blues – and actually go out to see it performed live? Right. And yet, the opening to My Boys is a bluesy number meant to be shorthand for “Chicago.” I guess Wilco wouldn’t do. I mean, no one’s heard of them, right?

And yet another scene of lining up at a hot dog stand on a downtown street. Hello? We don’t have those here. Wish we did, but we don’t . . . oops, it’s actually a coffee stand. That actually makes it worse.

If you want to capture Chicago, why not have a character who gets clouted into a City Hall job, and show the main characters standing on an El platform a lot waiting for full trains they can’t board or broken down trains on fire or hanging from the rails.

There are many more treatises against this show and most are linked here:

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