Jazzed up the LinkedIn profile. What do you think?

I love to write and to actively engage and inform an audience. I strongly believe in local news and local information for a local readership.

I believe in giving people information that is useful.

I believe that good reporting should provoke a feeling, provoke a discussion, provoke further reading and research or best of all, provoke action.

I believe there is a way to report that is both instructive and entertaining for the reader, listener or viewer. Solid journalism doesn’t have to be limp and lifeless.

I believe in media institutions and individual reporters interacting with their audiences, whether it’s using social networks or other means.

I believe in being a part of many circles and spheres of influence. I have been living, working and volunteering in the Chicago area for over 20 years and I have the contact list to back it up. If something is happening somewhere, I can usually explain why it matters, put it in context and have the sources to turn to if I need more information.

Finally, I believe that I would be an asset to any newsroom or any media organization. My persistence, work ethic and tenacity would be a benefit to anyone seeking to put out a great news product.

Anna Tarkov’s Specialties:

Local reporting, community journalism, political analysis (especially local issues), writing for the web, managing freelancers, content strategy, social media and general community building of an audience or readership

Is there anything I should add (or subtract) to help me grab the attention of potential employers? Fire away.

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  1. Anonymous August 10, 2010

    V. nice. Like a ‘This I Believe’ essay, it shows what you believe in by being engaging and informative.

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