Stick to the cinema, Roger

“All thanks to Chicago Tribune for blowing the cover on the federal undercover investigation before Blago was able to collect,” he tweeted.

First, that Tribune report came on Dec. 5, 2008 – after every other alleged act had been consummated.

Second, again, there was a lone holdout unlikely to be moved if the check to Blago had “U.S. Senate seat” written in the memo.

Third, the prosecution never indicated it arrested Blagojevich when it did because of the Tribune’s revelation; in fact, the story probably arose from federal sources.

Fourth, again, the act didn’t have to be completed to be criminal.

Finally, as if the Sun-Times wouldn’t have published that story with war headlines on its cover.

It’s just cheap and petty, but for as much praise as Ebert has gotten over his blog and non-movie writing, well, he needs a fact-checker and an editor because this isn’t the first time – and I’m still a big fan of his movie writing – that he’s gotten it terribly wrong. Stick to the cinema, Roger.

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