Citizen journalists? We don’t call them citizen novelists.

I hate to break this to my fellow professional journalists, but
accurate and compelling reporting — and that includes passionate
and partisan reporting with a point of view– is neither a science
nor black magic. Some folks have to go to school to learn it and
never really do. Others acquire these same skills through some
other life experience, possess them, and often not even know they
do until they are forced to use them. If unlicensed citizens can
write great pieces of fiction with no certification why is it so
hard for some to accept that some of those same citizens can write
or produce equally compelling pieces of non-fiction?

Now, of course journalism and fiction isn’t on quite the same scale. If a character is badly written, what’s the worst that could happen? If a news story is badly written, well…

Then again, the point is still valid and also closely tied to this concept:

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