This week is packed with events. Here’s where you can find me.


Since I’ve got a handful of events I’m attending this week and since I’d still like to meet many of you in person, I thought I’d give everyone a brief rundown of where I’ll be in case you also want to get together for a quick coffee or something.

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 13 – I’m not sure where or what yet, but I’ll likely be covering something for this fine publication. Will probably not have any time to meet, but if you live in the area and have story ideas for me, pitch away. I’ve recently been added to their stable of freelancers so the more I write, the more moolah I make and I need stuff to write about. Hit me up with any tips, interesting events, etc. Almost anything can be news for a hyperlocal like this.

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 14 – While this Tribune panel discussion on education is sold out, let me know if you want to meet up before or after. If you’ll be at home and nowhere near the city, I’ll probably be tweeting impressions of the panel here and there. By my side (I hope) will be the delightful Emily McFarlan. It’ll be the first time we’re meeting so look out! :)

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 15 – This event is the Chicago chapter’s launch of a national effort. I’m looking forward to this quite a bit since I love hackers. Mostly I’m jealous of all the cool stuff they can do, but I also like them as people. I’m hoping they feel the same way about us hacks.

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 16 – I’m not at liberty to say anything about the event I’ll be at on this night, but it’s from 6-8pm in River North so, again, we can hang before or after if you’d like.

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 17 – Forget you know me. I’ll be home relaxing with the husband who may or may not be in the throes of a nasty cold by then. He will need my nursemaid skills and I won’t be online at all.



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