Whites only at magazines?

Washington Post Company CEO Donald Graham stung by Shalit’s piece, once suggested “Looking for a qualified black since 1914” as a motto for The New Republic. I don’t know the magazine’s employment record in regards to people who are not white, but I do know that the magazine field–political and otherwise–is probably the whitest field in all of journalism. And not simply American white–but privileged, coastal, Ivy League white. (I include my present employer in that assessment.)

The article that this comes from is completely not on this topic, but this stuck out for me.

If high-profile magazines are mostly for pampered Ivy Leaguers, then you could probably see how this flows down the chain of media from glossy national magazines to the humblest community newspapers.

Overall, journalism and/or writing of other kinds are often pursuits for only those that can afford it. That is a tragedy.

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