Twitter is Vastly Superior to Facebook

You can pick up a follower from anywhere on Twitter, and they can drop off at any time, so you must keep the quality and flow of messages high to be successful. Other users on Twitter won’t put up with your lame tweets just because they went to junior high with you . . . you have to find some interesting “hook” to grow your audience

Yes, this was not TechCrunch’s headline. Theirs was ‘Why Twitter is Massively Unvervalued Compared to Facebook.” Clearly these guys didn’t go to the Gawker Media school of headline writing 😉

If you ask me, the real headline is that Twitter is better, plain and simple. I’m not saying this just to be inflammatory. I really believe it.

Yes, I am highly biased in this matter having left Facebook in May of this year. But in this case, all the bias does is illustrate the reality of the situation. And the reality is that for most things, Twitter is better than Facebook. End of story***

***Yes, Facebook drives more pageviews to news websites’ content, I know this. But how much of this is because Facebook has so many more users than Twitter? Facebook has a big head start. It won’t always be that way.

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