John Kass, I’m just not that into you

Chicago Tribune reporters work in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions. They do not blog from mommy’s basement, cutting and pasting what others have reported, while putting it under a cute pen name on the Internet.


This is my real name and I’m not in a basement, but in my own home where my name is on the mortgage. Is that real enough for you?

In addition, I am a journalist who has had her work published in your paper as well as other publications.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have full-time jobs John. In fact, many of those empty desks you see all around you belong to colleagues who are in many cases blogging now. Some are doing it in a paid, professional capacity. Some are doing it to demonstrate their writing ability and some are doing it simply as a hobby, like gardening or stamp collecting. Are they in their parents’ basements stealing content as well?

Thanks so much for perpetuating a tired, old cliche.


  1. Anonymous October 20, 2010

    If it weren’t for cliches, Kass would have nothing to write about. When I think of what Mike Royko would have done with the “Tea Party,” and contrast the way this mope sucks up to them, it’s very dispiriting.

  2. Anna Tarkov October 20, 2010

    Kass isn’t fit to shine Royko’s shoes. Or those of many other people for that matter.

  3. Anonymous October 20, 2010

    Very good points, Anna. There are, as you say, many valid reasons people blog. I’d like to include practice, so that when we’re given a shot at John’s job, we can write him out. :) Plus, is the basement so bad? My husband works down there.

  4. Anna Tarkov October 20, 2010

    Sadly we’re not yet at a point where we’ll get a shot at John’s job. Hiring managers at newspapers are still not willing to take a chance on people who didn’t come from traditional journalism backgrounds. It’s a much tougher road for us, for better or worse. And anyway, I don’t want to do his job. I want to do real reporting. You know, the kind us bloggers lift and comment on 😉

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