Why do we question things?

There are questions that don’t get answered, like citizenship and his birth certificate,” Stevens said. “I don’t know why questions keep popping up all the time. If something is irrefutable, the questions wouldn’t keep popping up.

The full WaPo piece is good, but this particular quote struck me as amusing.

There are many questions which are irrefutable, but keep “popping up” nonetheless. Just a few examples:

1. The Holocaust – there are many people who still believe it didn’t happen

2. The existence of God or a supreme being in general – both people inside and outside of various faiths continue to ask these questions and many questions associated with the topic

3. Evolution – see above

4. The U.S. Constitution – Some things in there seem darn near irrefutable and we continue to discuss them nonetheless and question what was meant, how to apply it, etc.

The man quoted by the way is 68 years old. I don’t want to disrespect my elders, but where did he learn his ability to reason? Oh yeah, he never did.

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