What would the world be like if ALL newsrooms did this?

A key part of The New Newsroom is what we call the Feedback Loop. The New Newsroom is about great talent, but it’s also about access to real-time data and analysis. Right now, each staff writer and contributor has a personal dashboard that details what’s going on in their world, with updates every 15 minutes (editors have a consolidated contributor dashboard). All writers see their traffic (at the moment, unique visitors and page views); popular posts; reader comments on their posts; web sites linking to their posts; what the blogosphere is saying about them and trending topics on Twitter and Google. We’ll supply them with more data and information in the months ahead, all to help them succeed in the new world of media. The data is to help inform their journalism, not rule it.

Would a world like this produce better journalism? I’m going to go ahead and say YES. Do you agree?

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