Sure, meeting voters at El stops is just FINE

From the Facebook feed of WGN Radio News Director Charlie Meyerson:

“Ran into Rahm Emanuel at the L station around 5:30 p.m. He happily shook my hand. Things got chilly when I told him I’m a reporter and started posing questions. Asked to name his biggest concern of the campaign, he said it was that WGN reporters would interfere with his meeting and greeting voters. I reminded him we’re part of the process, too. And then my train arrived. I can hardly wait for our next meeting.”

I somehow missed this the first time around on the Beachwood which I normally read every day. Hat tip to Karl Klockars for pointing me to this.

First, I love Charlie Meyerson and here’s another example of why. By the way, it runs in the family. His son Ben is pretty darn cool too. He’s doing this these days

But back to the matter at hand… Rahm is still out there shaking hands at El stops, even having won the election. Mr. Populist. He also did it all throughout the campaign of course, all the while framing it as a legitimate way to put himself in front of voters. But is it really? I’m glad there’s at least one journalist in this town who was compelled to somewhat challenge that notion.

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