Madison Avenue hates marriage

Ramsin has already done a nice job talking about this sad, sad, little ad (and you can read what he had to say via the handy little link under the video), but allow me now to add my two cents.

First, let me just rage for a moment here. Is this really the way the advertising industry views and wants to present marriage to the American public? Can the average husband really barely withstand listening to his wife for more than 5 seconds? And does he really need to be rewarded with ice cream if he does? WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS??!!! More importantly, why do we accept these types of depictions of marriage in not only our advertising, but our TV shows, movies, etc?

Also, who thinks that the same that people are freaking out over gays being able to marry would laugh hysterically at this ad? Let’s see a show of hands (mine is up). Because obviously two people who want to commit to a lifetime together are making a mockery of the institution of marriage while this is just lighthearted fun that any married couple can relate to, right?

WRONG. If I thought my husband was at all like this prick, I would be getting a divorce this very instant. More than that, I would have probably never married him in the first place unless it was my dream to be ignored and barely tolerated while being in the same room.

So, advertising industry, congratulations. You are doing much more to tarnish the good name of marriage than gays getting hitched or any other boogeyman the “family values” crowd routinely waves at us. And you, dear TV viewers out there, are doing the same if you so much as chuckled at this instead of reacting as you should have: with revulsion and horror.

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