If you’re making money, you aren’t being discriminated against

Bill O’Reilly, the Fox News host, decided that Quigley’s remarks were a story and thus conferred high-profile legitimacy to the bloggers’ vituperation on Tuesday. Quigley could not appear, but Rehab did, initially nonplused that the remarks were deemed newsworthy.

With “Questionable Apology” emblazoned on the screen, O’Reilly repeated the same two sentences Quigley had uttered and declared: “Wow! What discrimination?” Statistics don’t support claims of bias against Muslim Americans, he said.

Much data and polling contradicts him. As an unabashed Rehab told him, “You’d have to be living under a rock” to miss the overarching reality.

Rehab cited federal figures on rising workplace complaints of anti-Muslim discrimination and polls showing both that 39 percent of Americans would require Muslims to carry special identification and that one-third don’t think Muslims should be allowed to run for president.

“O.K., those stats bolster your argument,” O’Reilly conceded. “But in economic realms, Muslim Americans are doing well, pretty well,” he said.

This rattled me hugely. So first O’Reilley blatantly lies and says there’s no anti-Muslim discrimination. Then he says that ok., maybe there is, but what does it matter since Muslims are doing well financially in the U.S? (and I don’t even know if this is true across the board)

Come again???!!

If ever there was a more blatant display of the idea that financial prosperity trumps EVERY OTHER human need or pursuit in life, I’ve not seen it.

So, does everyone understand? If you’re making money, it doesn’t matter if people hate you. I mean Jesus, this is America. We’re about making MONEY here people, not about being liked. Get with the program!

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